Nick Jonas Fangirl Literally Died Upon Hearing The News Of His New Relationship


Here lies the remains of a fangirl who, sadly, has just died. On the fifth of August, she pronounced herself “literally DEAD”, when news broke that Nick Jonas was rumored to be dating Instagram’s finest, Kendall Jenner. We remember her fondly, and would like to think of her happier times. Times like when she met the love of her life, or when she realized she was truly in head-over-heels love.

We like to think she’s in a better place now, as she suffered an immense amount of pain. Her suffering began as a panic, when she saw the heartbreaking news on an unreliable tabloid website. She ignored this pain, and turned to Instagram where her greatest fears became a reality.

Seeing that Jonas was following Jenner on Instagram, she began to realize her suffering was a reality. Since Mr. Jonas had just gotten out of a long term relationship she assumed it was her time to walk in the light, steal his attention, and maybe his heart. Sadly, she was wrong. Since his former flame was a prior Miss Universe titleholder, she assumed there was no possible way Jonas could upgrade, and would be left with no choice other than to downgrade (to her).

She was met with more shock and suffering when she realized there was only one possible upgrade, and it was Jenner. She tried to numb the pain by thinking about the possibility of a “Keeping up With The Kardashian” cameo, but the fangirl only fell into hysterics, as she realized he had a type, and it was not her.

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Her wish is to keep her fellow fangirls in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. She also wants to let Jonas know that when the time comes to downgrade, she might just make a miraculous recovery.

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