Nick Viall Is Incapable Of Saying “I Love You,” So That’s Funny


After ABC dropped the bomb that Nick Viall is the next Bachelor, Bachelor nation patiently waited to find out what the hell happened to Nick and Jen Saviano on the season finale of “Bachelor in Paradise.” Nick pulled the classic, douchebag move with that line we’ve all heard before, making us cringe in anger and heartbreak for Jen, and gave us flashbacks to our own painful, BS breakups.

“I’m sorry… I just feel like you deserve better than me.”

AKA THE BIGGEST LINE OF ALL TIME. How many times have we heard this excuse for losers to get out of a serious commitment? The fun doesn’t stop there, folks. On the car ride home, Nick said,

“The scary part is feeling I’m incapable of saying ‘I love you’ to anyone. Right now the biggest hurdle I have to get over is there’s no guarantees, there’s no assurances that anything will work out. Sometimes I just feel like my heart’s in knots and I can’t untie it. I’ve just got to figure out how I can do that again.”

Incapable of saying the words “I love you.” You know what this means, people. We have the next Juan Pablo on our hands, which was arguably the worst season of “The Bachelor” ever.

Did ABC not see the red flags? This will be his fourth attempt at love on this network alone. He slut-shamed Andi in front of the whole world. He randomly decided to come on Kaitlyn’s season because his 15 minutes of fame were running out. And now can’t say “I love you” to beautiful, funny, smart, and kind women. We’re in for the best season yet!

At least we can appreciate Nick realizing he has some issues he needs to work out. Hopefully, he can get his knots untied before they start filming. In the meantime, is the petition for Luke and Nick to fight to the death for the top spot still a thing? We need all the help we can get.

[via Elite Daily]

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