Nikki Glaser Attacks College Campus Sexual Assault On Her Show ‘Not Safe’ In The Best Way

nikki glaser college campus sexual assault

Nikki Glaser is known for being an uncensored, unfiltered, unapologetic comedienne. Her TV show Not Safe on Comedy Central talks about every aspect of sex that you could think of: pegging, threeways, labiaplasty, dick pics, etc. But recently, Nikki tackled a topic that has been prominent in today’s media, sexual assault. While the topic is extremely serious and needs to be addressed, she does it in a way that makes it less taboo, making it easier for victims and non-victims alike to talk about it.

Facts like rapists are likely to have 6-8 victims will send your heart plummeting into your stomach, but when you see Shushie the rape-ignoring ostrich, it gives you the chance to treat the topic of sexual assault in an approachable way. If everyone was able to just talk about it, then it will give victims the support they need to prosecute the monsters who rape them.

Funny and informative? Nikki can do it all.

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