Norma From “OITNB” Used To Be In A Punk Rock Band, And She’s SUCH A Badass


“Orange is The New Black,” am I right? Not only is it the hottest show we’ve seen since, well, ever, but it always keeps us on our toes. From people’s disturbing pasts, to feeling bad for some of the most (apparently) horrible inmates, it never fails to leave you a little shocked. Despite all of the plot twists, one of the biggest surprises of the series was, of course, Norma. From her strange, cult-like past, to the deed that landed her in prison, she always left us amazed. It wasn’t just her past that shocked us, however. One of the biggest surprises about her was the fact that she had a killer singing voice, despite hardly ever speaking a word. Who knew she had some killer (LOL) pipes on her?

Apparently, an entire generation of people from the ’70s. It turns out, Annie Golden, who plays Norma, used to front a punk band. That’s right. Quiet little Norma was the head of the “The Shirts,” a band known for songs like “Tell Me Your Plans.” Which should most likely be our anthem, since it’s what we’ve been begging guys to do for like, ever.

We’re not worthy.

[via Elite Daily]

Image via Youtube / Netflix

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