N*SYNC Star Serenades USC’s Tri-Delt on Behalf of DTD

Coming soon to a sorority formal dinner near you: former member of THE most epic boy band of our childhood, N*SYNC (those of the BSB or 98 Degrees persuasion can take your case elsewhere), JC Chasez!

That’s right, ladies! Not only is JC still alive, but apparently he’s still semi-relevant. Monday night, the men of USC’s Delta Tau Delta trumped every other fraternity on campus by delivering not only an excellent serenade to the women of Delta Delta Delta, but also a teenage icon of the late 90s and early 2000s along with it.

It’s rumored one of the Delt brothers works for Chasez, who lives in Los Angeles. Using his connections as any well-networked gentleman should, he was able to call in a favor from his boss and pull off the most amazing serenade of all time. Serenades are so much fun as it is. I can’t imagine a better surprise than realizing it’s been kicked up a notch or twelve by adding a celebrity to the mix.

JC Chasez performed his own rendition of “Ho Hey” by The Lumineers (which I’m pretty sure is becoming the 2013 version of “Soul Sister,” since it’s being used everywhere), accompanied by an acoustic guitar and, of course, back-up vocalists from the fraternity. After his adorable solo, the former boy band artist stuck around to take pictures with the ladies. The best part of the spectacle, in my opinion, is the priceless reactions of the sorority women on the receiving end of the serenade: a mix of surprise, confusion, and ultimately, complete elation.

According to one sister of USC’s Tri-Delt, serenades are a campus-wide tradition between sororities and fraternities, organized by each chapter’s social chair. While the boys of DTD still await the green light to move forward in a pair with Delta Delta Delta, I think it’s safe to say their odds are good, as these ladies were given preferential treatment over all other sororities on campus this courting season.

I don’t know what JC’s been up to since the members of N*SYNC went their separate ways, but by the looks of it, he appears to be doing well. Whether or not he’s trying to revive his soloist career, I’d say he could at least have a future in touring sorority houses across the country and helping fraternity boys have a shot at getting laid nationwide.

Also, my 11-year-old self is SO jealous right now. So, so jealous.

[via E! Online]

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