Ole Miss Frat Guy Attempted To Run With The Bulls While Studying Abroad, Is Now In Intensive Care After Getting Gored

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In news that will make your decision to study abroad in Spain next semester seem hopelessly uninformed, 20 year-old American student Benjamin Miller — a Sigma Pi at Ole Miss — is currently in intensive care at a Spanish hospital recovering from injuries he sustained after being gorged by a bull during a Spanish Carnival in Ciudad Rodrigo. He reportedly has received surgeries to repair injuries to his back, thighs, and sphincter (yikes).

So, here’s the thing. I know that the running of the bulls, bullfighting, what have you, is an actual thing that people do — I paid attention when we read The Sun Also Rises in high school, okay? But I just do not get the appeal. Whatsoever. “Adrenaline rush, blah, blah, blah,” you may counter — to which I say “just go to Six Flags.”

I also thought it was understood that you aren’t actually supposed to run in front of the bulls but rather to the side of the bulls. But then again, I didn’t study abroad in Spain. I went to a very civilized northern European country where my biggest concern was trying to catch a cold so I could see what universal healthcare was like. I never did manage to though, so instead I just drank beer and bicycled along the harbor, only mildly concerned that I might potentially fall into its freezing Nordic waters at any moment (which I now realize would have gotten me that cold).

So if you’re going to study in Spain, stick to other classic Spanish pastimes. These include, but are not limited to: clubbing until 6am, Cien Montadidos, and drinking copious amounts of Limon Fanta.

In all seriousness though, here’s wishing Benjamin a speedy recovery.

UPDATE: Miller is reportedly now in stable condition.

[via The Independent]

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