Olympian McKayla Maroney Wants To Be The Next Taylor Swift

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A few nights ago, while I was watching the Olympics, I took a trip down memory lane. Back in 2012, when I was a naïve and innocent teen, I was captured by the resting bitch face seen around the world: McKayla Maroney. What ever happened to her famous frown? Like any accredited researcher, I went straight to the source – Instagram. I was shocked to find that Maroney has taken a, uh, different direction with her life.

quick thank u to tiger beat! love u guys💗

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happy sunday! hope everyone’s having a nice weekend💘 i’m headed to the studio 🎤 whatchu guys up to?

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As I scrolled through post after post of Kylie-esque poses and captions, I found myself yearning for a redeeming quality among her sea of selfies. And today, I found it. Maroney has announced that she is releasing a new single, “Ghost,” on September 8th. She cites Taylor Swift as a major inspiration, saying that her style is “vulnerable pop” and very emotional. So, right up Taylor’s alley.

However, Maroney may need to work on getting some content for her songs. She admits that while she was a gymnast, she was “in the gym for eight hours a day and then outside of that [she would] be doing school or writing songs, so there really wasn’t time for boys at all.” But now that she is a D-list celebrity with a killer Instagram, I don’t think McKayla will have any issues getting the guys.

spend all my money on green smoothies

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She goes on to admit that she had an “identity crisis” following the London Olympics, and that she’ll be watching the Rio games with a nostalgic attitude. But hey, with a T. Swift-inspired single on the way and being on the hunt for boys, I think Maroney will have plenty to keep herself busy. Here’s hoping she’ll avoid a Twitter feud with Kim and Kanye.

[via Elite Daily]

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