OMG! We Found Aaron Samuels’ Instagram Documenting His Freshman Year Of College

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I’m not usually basic, but one day out of the year, I unapologetically engage in the most basic of activities: I celebrate October 3. I go all out by tweeting Aaron Samuels GIFs, asking people if it’s raining, and saying “Happy October Third!” to everyone I see, all while wearing pink, of course. While celebrating last week, I got to thinking–what happened to Aaron Samuels when he went off to college? Did he and Cady break up after Welcome Week? Did he join a frat? Then I thought further. What would “Mean Girls” have been like if they all had social media?

Yik Yak is the modern day Burn Book, and look at what kind of drama that app has started on college campuses everywhere. Without social media, we probably wouldn’t have half the one-liners that have become a part of our modern vernacular, and all of the characters would’ve had their noses stuck in their iPhones. Cady would’ve been sending Aaron sexts behind Regina’s back instead of actually fucking with her life, Gretchen would’ve been obsessed with Jason’s best friends on Snapchat, and Karen would’ve been glued to videos of cats on YouTube. Regina most likely would’ve tweeted, “Boo, you whore” at Karen instead of telling her over the phone, because who actually talks on the phone anymore? (RIP three-way call attack.)

Okay, sorry for that tangent–back to Aaron Samuels. Here is what I believe Aaron’s Instagram profile would’ve looked like, documenting his freshman year at Northwestern University. I’m going to assume he and Cady stayed together, because everyone loves a fairytale ending. Happy stalking, ladies.

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