Original Breakfast At Tiffany’s Manuscript Released, Holly Golightly’s Original Name Sucked

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, the classic 1961 film featuring Audrey Hepburn, has been the inspiration for college girls’ dorm decorations for generations. The original work was the racy, 1958 book, written by the famous and brilliant Truman Capote. Since then, it’s allowed young girls to falsely believe that even if they’re total gold-digging sluts, people will still think they’re classy as long as they wear pearls. Recently, it’s been adapted to a Broadway performance, which magnificently coincides with the original manuscript being leaked and prepared to be auctioned later this month.

As it turns out, before Capote submitted his masterpiece to Random House, he corrected one major fuck-up. He changed the leading lady’s name from Connie Gustafson to Holly Golightly. That’s right, Holly’s name was supposed to be Connie. CONNIE! I can’t think of a more hideous name than Connie. Holly Golightly sounds like the name of a cute, possible-prostitute who is able to live entirely off of wealthy men for her entire life, while convincing people that she’s the embodiment of class. Connie Gustafson sounds like her chubby next door neighbor who married a butcher, and makes really great cherry pies. Nice edit, Capote.

The original manuscript shows that every single reference to this “Connie” monstrosity was crossed out by Capote himself, and replaced with the much more appropriate “Holly,” who more accurately represented designer Gloria Vanderbilt and Oona O’Neill, daughter of playwright Eugene O’Neill, who were said to inspire the character. I’m not entirely sure whether those women should be flattered or insulted.

The 1958 piece was given to RR Auctions by an anonymous source, who is said to be a “very famous Madison Avenue autograph collector.” It will be the centerpiece in the online auction, among memorobilia autographed by other old Hollywood celebrities such as James Dean, Humphrey Bogart, Judy Garland, and Lucille Ball. The bidding will take place between April 18-April 25, and the masterpiece is projected to sell for $250,000, so I’m probably going to ask my dad to buy it for me.

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Image via NY Times


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