Oxford Student Parties Dressed As “Arcade Fire” — Costume Complete With Homemade Flamethrower

Meet Inigo Lapwood. You killed his father. Prepare to die…by way of homemade flamethrower.

This Oxford student attended a party this weekend. The theme was “fancy” and what’s fancier than celebrities? Nothing. So our boy Inigo decided to dress as Arcade Fire. But 20-year-old Lapwood didn’t dress as one of the members of the Montreal-based indie rock band. Instead, he decided to go with a literal take on the band’s name. He dressed like an arcade game that spit out fire.

In addition to his 8-bit alien space invader accessory, Lapwood carried around a flamethrower, made from “a nail gun and a glow plug from a diesel engine,” with which he threw flames mid-party. Way to make an entrance. After about ten minutes, our boy Inigo dismantled the flamethrower, and exchanged it for a “Smoking is Harmful” sign he’d removed from a cigarette pack.

Having the craftiest costume of all time AND making yourself the focus of an entire party? It’s a TSM.

Now, I know you might be thinking that this was an incredibly dangerous and inconsiderate stunt to pull around drunk party guests, but you’re wrong. Lapwood assured everyone that they were safe, and he goes to Oxford, so I’ve got to assume he’s a pretty smart dude. Are your state school thoughts really comparable to Oxford thoughts? Didn’t think so. As far as the “inconsideration” goes, you couldn’t be more wrong about dear Inigo.

“I thought about doing the pun ‘Sex is on Fire,'” he told the Telegraph, “but I think that one would definitely be going too far.”

See? SEX on fire would have been TOTALLY insensitive, so Inigo didn’t do it. Even though, that too, is about music, everyone with gonorrhea would have been furious with him for profiling people with STDs. It would have been like a racist rager all over again. Nobody wants to deal with that. A flamethrowing, video gaming rock band, however? There’s just no room for misinterpretation.

Oxford is investigating the situation with the hopes of punishing our costume god of fire, but I’m just hoping I can get him to come party next Halloween.

[via Huffington Post]


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