Paid Leave For Periods Is About To Be A Thing, So Now I Can Get Out Of Anything

Paid Leave

Periods are a pain, and unfortunately, I mean that both figuratively and literally. Tampons, cramps, and pain relievers aren’t any fun, but the real problem is not being able to use your period as an excuse to get out of plans. Sure, it worked for high school swim class and occasionally for sex, but other than that, you’re shit out of luck. Just want to lay in bed and catch up on your streaming? Avoid social interactions at any cost? Get out of work, homework, and all of your obligations? Unfortunately, your period isn’t a good enough excuse – that is, until now.

Italy just announced that they’re considering a monthly paid menstrual leave for female employees, which is great news for all of us. A couple of countries and private corporations have similar policies, but this bill being announced would require that if requested, an employer would have to give female employees up to three days off each month for period pain. Obviously, this is a win for feminism and recognizing that women face specific problems, so the workforce catching up and advocating for working women is a huge success. However, while this specific policy is a win for Italian women, it’s an even bigger symbolic win for women everywhere, because we can now use our periods as an excuse to get out of anything we want.

If periods can be so bad that they mandate three days off of work, it’s now completely and entirely valid to use your period as an excuse to remove yourself from anything you don’t want to do. What? The dishes? No, I definitely can’t do those – I’ll be laid up in bed with a hot pad. Going out after 9:30 on a Thursday? Nah, I’ve gotta stay home to “recover.” Date night? Out in public? Definitely won’t be feeling up for that, but you’re more than welcome to come hang out while I Netflix and chill with my ice pack. Thank you Italy, because you’ve just given me everything I’ve ever wanted – an excuse to finally be left alone forever.

[via Business Insider]

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