This Chick Gets Paid To Be A Princess Because Life Isn’t Fair

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When I was little, I was convinced I was going to be a mermaid when I grew up. Basic from birth, am I right? But, I didn’t want to be just any mermaid. I wanted to be Ariel, complete with a teal tail and a gravity-defying shell bra. I’ve waited 15 years, and yet I’m still stuck with pale legs, a grandma bra, and no Prince Eric. But all that might change soon thanks to Ali Williams.

Williams, seen in the video below, has created the company Princess and Me Parties. The company has a staff of princesses who they literally pay to go to children’s birthday parties. A quick search of the website revealed a ton of options, ranging from Pocahontas to Cinderella. Better yet, the party will only cost you one small paycheck, running from 200 to 600 dollars. No one said tiaras were cheap.

So it sounds like the perfect job, right? Wrong. The princesses have to go through an intense makeup process, wear an array of wigs, and learn how to walk in the custom-made ball gowns. Williams makes all of the costumes, spending about a month on each one. The actresses also need to learn the fairytales practically line by line, so they know what to say when a little girl inevitably asks about Cinderella’s favorite mouse.

But, hey, if I got paid to go and eat free cake and have billions of children think I am a celebrity instead of the washed-up college student I am, I think it would probably be worth it. And while renting out princesses is all well and good, I think Ali has inadvertently isolated a huge population. I know many ladies who would pay to rent their Prince Charming. How can I do that without crossing the line into male escort services?

[via Princess and Me Parties]

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