Papa John’s Introduces Laziest Way To Order Pizza Ever


Papa John is an American hero. He loves pizza, loves to party, and is now enabling lazy people all over the United States to eat a whole pizza in one sitting without having to leave your bed, grab your computer, break eye contact with your TV screen, or interact with a human being.

With the new Papa John’s app, you can order pizza through your Apple TV, so you don’t even have to miss a second of your favorite tv show to order your carbs.

He’s actually rewarding us lazy-ass, pizza lovers by offering customers a 25% discount when they place their orders through the Apple TV app. The app offers the entire menu, because he understands that you’ll have different cravings defending on what you’re watching. Binge-watching “The Office”? Large pepperoni pizza. Sobbing through “The Notebook”? Cinnamon pull-aparts and double chocolate chip brownie. “Jersey Shore”? Two liter of Diet Mountain Dew to mix with your Skinny Girl vodka.

Papa John understands. He gets our needs and struggles. He knows how hard it is to find your laptop to order a pizza when you physically can’t break eye contact with your TV because “Stranger Things” is on. He gets it. He gets us.

[via Engadget]

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