Party Cup Detects Presence Of Roofies

Most responsible and intelligent people would have called my bar of choice at school a dumb choice. It was a far walk from the hub of campus, it enforced a three dollar cover charge compared with no cover charges at the other bars, and once they reached capacity, they didn’t follow a “one in, one out” policy, meaning if you didn’t get in, you didn’t get in. In turn, this led to students lining up for the bar at 8:00PM on a Friday night, decked out in sparkly tops and 6-inch stilettos, for a night we ordinarily wouldn’t have begun for another three and a half hours. In retrospect, that’s probably the reason we always got so drunk when we went there, but at the time, the only thing that made sense was that the drinks came pre-roofied, a joke we came to accept as truth once we realized no one ever truly knew what the inside of the establishment looked like.

To my knowledge, the “pre-roofied drinks” rumor has never been confirmed, and to my knowledge, that’s the only time I’ve ever been “roofied,” barring one questionable Heaven and Hell mixer circa 2008. I imagine actually being roofied is horrible. You’ll wake up somewhere with no knowledge of the previous night, no recollection of your actions, but with complete regret of the things you may or may not have done. Actually, that sounds pretty standard, but the difference is in the case of rohypnol, someone else is accountable for your actions. Actually, that sounds great too. Just kidding, you guys. Roofies are bad. Really. They’re bad. But actually.

After an unfortunate incident with the date-rape drug, inventor Michael Abramson began developing a new party cup, DrinkSavvy, that would detect whether or not the contents of a beverage had been compromised. You heard that right, boys — no more roofie-ing the jungle juice. It’s the the R-rated version of that stuff that turns your pee blue in the pool: you probably won’t get caught, because few people/pools are using the product that’ll bust you, but it’s a possibility nonetheless.

A prototype of the cup’s use is demonstrated in the video below.

[via Gothamist]

Image via Gothamist


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