Patrick Dempsey Admits Which Episode Of “Grey’s Anatomy” Was His Favorite

Patrick Dempsey Favorite Grey's Anatomy Episode

The thirteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy is about to start, which, in my opinion, is two seasons too long because the show died when Derek died. Shonda Rhimes should’ve just ended it right then and there because there is literally no point in going on without McDreamy, especially after the heartbreaking loss of McSteamy in season nine. The show has gone downhill since Patrick Dempsey’s exit, but I still watch it because I have a serious addiction, despite the fact that the plot lines suck and Amelia is annoying AF.

The best part of Grey’s Anatomy wasn’t Grey herself, but Grey and Shepherd, and now that’s it’s over, all we can do now is reminisce about what used to be. That’s exactly what Patrick Dempsey did during a Facebook live with Cosmopolitan UK while he was supposed to be promoting his new movie, “Bridget Jones’ Baby.” People in the Facebook live chat asked him about his iconic role in Grey’s Anatomy and McDreamy didn’t disappoint. He admitted which episode was his favorite, and out of all the crazy shit that Shonda Rhimes put him through, Dempsey says the pilot holds that special place in his heart.

“I have to say my favorite really was the pilot because we didn’t know what was going to happen, and there was that sense of discovery,” he said. “[W]hen I saw it for the first time I just thought the music was incredible and it was fun to be a part of such a strong ensemble. That was special.”

Dempsey also had a few things to say about his character’s death.

“It’s a crazy storyline and I knew it would be shocking, and I think it was devastating to very many people, and I don’t think a lot of people have got over it yet,” he said. Yeah, I would say devastating is a good word for it, considering that over 109,000 people signed a petition to bring him back from the dead.

“People keep asking me to come back to life; come back to the show,” he said. “[U]nfortunately he has passed.”

Considering almost every single character has either died and come back to life (Meredith, Callie, Sloan) or came very close to dying (everyone who survived the plane crash), I don’t think it’s that out there to consider that maybe, possibly, McDreamy could come back. Dempsey seems pretty confident that that’s not gonna happen, so I guess we’re stuck with suffering until the inevitable end of Grey’s Anatomy as a whole.

Can’t wait to be let down by Shonda Rhimes yet again on September 22!

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