Penn State’s Chi Phi Has The Sickest House Ever After $1.4 Million Renovation (12 Photos)


As per an email from Penn State’s Chi Phi:

As Brothers of the Chi Phi at Penn State, we wanted to take the time and thank you for writing the article about our chapter. We noticed how you had a section at the end of the article where you mentioned “The Catch.”

We wanted to inform that after several meetings with Alumni, Chi Phi is no longer a dry house. With that being said, we are also not on any type of probation. We are allowed to drink in the house and hope to make an impact in the social setting here at Penn State.

So, there you have it, folks. Nicest house ever, and they can drink.


I hate the term “frat castle,” because frankly, it doesn’t get much more tryhard than that, but just for Penn State’s Chi Phi, I might be willing to let it slide. It’s a straight up castle — stone building, grand entrance, and it looks like their might even be a room to trap princesses, or pledges. When Penn State mandated that each fraternity hous install a sprinkler system in 2008, Chi Phi had to take a timeout. They couldn’t afford it (ha! Plebeians), but now that they’ve made their triumphant return, it seems that money is no object. After five years, the fraternity was able to spend $1.4 million on renovations for their house, and they are clearly showing up their competitors, with outstanding architecture, two libraries, a 70-inch flat screen in the common room, a gorgeous patio, top-notch security (with TALKING keypads as opposed to traditional locks and keys), and bedrooms for members, all their own. The railing along the house is even customized with their letters, and the gourmet chef provides a menu just a step above “nug night” at the D-hall. Check it out the photos from Onward State.

Chi Phi 11

Chi Phi 10

Chi Phi 9

Chi Phi 8

Chi Phi 7

Chi Phi 6

Chi Phi 5

Chi Phi 4

Chi Phi 3

Chi Phi 2

Chi Phi 1

The catch? In order to raise money to build their own personal paradise, Chi Phi agreed not to host parties or allow alcohol in their home. Ever. Like, it’s not a probationary period, this is just an all-male sorority house. It’s pretty, though.

[via Onward State]


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