People Are Applying Their Makeup With Condoms So You Now ~Officially~ Have An Excuse For That Supply In Your Nightstand

People Are Applying Their Makeup With Condoms So You Now ~Officially~ Have An Excuse For That Supply In Your Nightstand

If you have a YouTube account, you’re probably always looking for ways to upgrade your makeup game until you look as flawless as humanly possible, and recently, that process has started with blending. First we started with the original BeautyBlender, which did a great job – that is, until it was ousted by the SiliSponge, a fantastical devise that looks like a fake tit but somehow gives you a flawless contour without absorbing any product. Of course, you don’t have the bounce of a sponge, but that’s a trade-off I’m more than willing to accept to save half of my $58 foundation. However, beauty bloggers have now discovered how to have the best of both worlds by covering their BeautyBlenders in the one silicone product we always have on hand – or rather, on a different appendage. That’s right, I’m talking about condoms.

Yes, this is really happening. Running low on Tinder matches but not on rubbers? Never fear, there’s now an excellent use for them. Let me make it very clear that you absolutely need to wash off any condom before you put it on your face, because last I heard, lubricant is not an acceptable dupe for your poreless primer. Don’t have a bb on hand? No worries, because you can also put lotion in a condom and apply it in the same way. According to YouTuber Beauty Vixxen, this condom hack is the best one of all.

I suppose if you’re in a pinch and need to immediately apply your highlighter with only the tools in your handbag, some lotion and a condom will do, but personally, I’m going to have to pass on this beauty “hack.” Sure, saving some of my foundation from being absorbed into my makeup sponges may be a financialy wise decision, but I’m not emotionally prepared enough to begin to allow condoms or their inhabitants anywhere near my face. Sorry vloggers, but I think I’m going to have to sit this trend out.

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