People Are Having A Lot Of Emotions Over These Harry Styles Magazine Covers

Here we go! The day has come! The time is now! Harry Styles is ready to begin his metamorphosis from boy band caterpillar to solo heartthrob butterfly! While his fellow ex-bandmate, Zayn (no-more-last-name-Malik), has kept pretty busy in the spotlight, it’s Harry’s turn now!

Harry has had several projects in the works, but we haven’t had any tangible evidence. He’s been working on a movie, but it’s far from being released. He signed a solo music contract, but not even a single has been dropped. Just a bunch of empty promises. But now we finally have something we can get our grimy, impatient little hands on.

Harry Styles is covering “Another Man” magazine, with not just one flawless cover shot, but three. A perfect trifecta. And from the varying hair lengths, it looks like Harry has been taking these cover shots over time. That sneaky devil.

Cover One: Classic 1D, luscious locks Harry.

Cover Two: “Look Mom, I cut my own hair” Harry.

Cover Three: NOW THAT IS A MAN Harry.

And where there’s Harry Styles news, there’s fangirls (and boys) to hysterically tweet about it.

Um, where is the Mick Jagger biopic?!

Get ready! Get ready! The rapture is shook.


And then his uncanny resemblance to Jonathan Byers from “Stranger Things.”

But wait, there’s more! The interview was conducted by one of the most legendary boy band breakout artists ever, Paul McCartney. Also conducting the interview? Chelsea Handler. Not quite sure the reasoning behind that trio, but I like it. The interview and magazine will be out September 29.

[via Time]

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