Pi Beta Phis At UCLA Love Coach Jim Mora

There are a lot of jobs out there that I’d love to have: astronaut, oil tycoon, distillery owner. Each of those jobs has its own perks and privileges. A college football coach, much like those jobs, is something I will never be, but is definitely something I wouldn’t mind having on my business card.

While I think I’d be great at it (I play a good game of Madden and can give an inspiring halftime speech when needed), the odds are obviously against me ever coaching a college football team. Aside from the obvious perks of running a team, seeing every game, and the occasional Gatorade shower, there is one other benefit associated with coaching. Apparently, chicks dig coaches.

Jim Mora Jr., Lambda Chi alum and UCLA’s football coach, appeared in a picture with some members of the school’s Pi Beta Phi chapter. While Mora’s record as an NFL coach was less than stellar and went 9-5 this past season at UCLA, these lovely ladies didn’t seem to mind. Let’s be honest here — they have no idea what his record is.

The fact that the girls in the picture are all ones on the binary scale is nice, but look at Jim’s smile. He’s having a great time. Taking a picture with a bunch of girls isn’t that big a deal. However, when you’re in your 50s, I’m sure it’s at least a bit of a thrill.

[via Big Lead Sports]


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