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Pi Lambda Phi Fraternity Recognizes Transgender “Sister”

You know what I’ve always wondered. What happens to Greeks who get a sex change? You know, guys who are in the he-man woman-hater’s club? What becomes of them if they decide to transition into women (you know, besides losing control of the remote if a man is present, and becoming unable to talk about farts)? And women in sororities? A sorority, by definition is for women only. Using the rules present in gender-based languages, as soon as there’s one man in a sorority, it becomes a fraternity. So what happens when somebody switches? The lines, just like those transgender legs, get hairy.

Okay, so I haven’t always wondered that. In fact, I never even thought about it until just today, when I learned that Pi Lambda Phi nationals recently had a decision to make. One of its members, a brother from the chapter at Winona State University in Minnesota underwent a sex change after going alum, and wanted to know if her alumni status would remain in tact.

Transgender woman Juliet K. Owen went to Ian Lowe, Executive Director of Pi Lambda Phi, to discuss her membership in her beloved organization. The governing board deliberated over the two years Juliet made her decision and ultimately decided that because the transition was made when she was no longer an active member, her alumni status would stand. This makes her the first recognized female in their organization, and keeps true to Pi Lam’s motto: “Not four years, but a lifetime.”

Ahh, brotherly (and sisterly) love.

via Huffington Post]


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Veronica Ruckh

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