A Play-By-Play Of The Cutest Proposal To Make You Feel Single AF


I’m a big fan of proposals. Maybe it’s because I haven’t had one yet, or maybe it’s just something that comes with getting the girl card when you’re born. But give me some spare time (or whenever I feel like slacking off at work), some excessive hormones (thanks, birth control), and Youtube, and you better believe I’ll be digging through that shit, finding a proposal to elicit tears in my eyes and frenzied pinning for my future wedding.

Today is no exception.

Upon doing my normal coffee/Youtube routine, I came across one of the most adorable proposals I’ve seen to-date. It has everything a proposal should have. Watch, cry, and get ready to go a fucking rollercoaster.

  • First he asks HER MOM. And her response? Just kill me.
  • Then, her dad. They’re so relaxed, so chill. And her dad saying he was happy? Tears. Already tears.
  • And LOL at her brother being, like, the most casual guy in the world.
  • When he gets off the phone and he’s LITERALLY shaking? Yeah. The actual cutest.
  • “So today’s going to be the day I ask my best friend to marry me.” K.
  • His face + that ring = swoon.
  • Causal artsy shots with the girl.
  • Botanical gardens? Check. Girlfriend wearing cool outfit? Check. Quirky moments of her being goofy and adorable? Check check check.
  • And now he’s squirting water from his mouth because you know, ~meant to be~.
  • “There’s a¬†pterodactyl.” Our girl’s got jokes.
  • There’s a wishing tree. Because of course there fucking is.
  • Uhhh. I’m all for being cute but carving your name into bamboo? We’ve got a Frank and Claire Underwood over here.
  • Oh JK. Everyone’s doing it. They’re just trying to belong. Carry on.
  • “So apparently if you do this [carve into the bambo] it’s good luck…you stay together forever.”
  • He pushed the flower in her face when she was smelling it. They know how to have fun.
  • The most gorgeous view in the world at 3:51 that would totally get mad Instagram likes.
  • Oh. Right. They’re in Australia. I bet that’s not all that’s going to go down under tonight, wink wink.
  • Is she a leaf? Is she a tree? Is she a girl about to get engaged? Who knows?!
  • “How do you do the stopwatch thing?” He asks, cool as can be.
  • “The timer?” She responds, wondering how she’s dating someone who doesn’t know what a timer is called.
  • Little does she know, he knows ALL about timers. It was his plan! His plan ALL along!
  • Pterodactyls messing up the mood all up in here.
  • Aw look! We’re posing for a picture, cute as can be.
  • 4:22 “No you’re not!”
  • It’s been six seconds since he dropped to his knee and honestly the suspense is killing me.
  • Also, side note, she really does look cute AF.
  • Seven more seconds and she’s still frozen. Starting to sweat for him a bit.
  • Wait! Wait! Was that a little head nod?!
  • Hold on babe, gotta fan myself from the emotion.
  • More tears than I would have expected from her, but I’ve got mad respect for it.
  • Doing the standing fetal position because, of course.
  • Honestly, she’ll look good in literally any style gown. How annoying.
  • #ThoseLegsThough
  • OH NO. Black and white flashbacks? Shit.
  • Look at them, swimming and trying on shoes and eating¬†Fruit by the Foot.
  • Shots! I take shots with guys! We’re probablly getting married too, right?
  • And back to reality with a kiss!
  • She’s literally the happiest human in the world right now. Lowkey hate her.
  • God can I just be them?
  • She’s shaking! Remember at the beginning when he was shaking?!
  • “IT SHINES!”
  • Fuck me. They’re the actual cutest people in the world.
  • All of her friends being like “noooo we didn’t know LOL JK bitch!”
  • “I asked everyone.”
  • “I asked every single person in your family.”
  • “You asked my brother?” And back at it with the tears from all of us.
  • “I didn’t think I’d ever get engaged.” Same, girl. Same.
  • Okay calling his mom made me want to crawl into a hole and never come out.
  • Are they not the adorable couple ever though?
  • “MOM I’M ENGAGED!” I die.
  • “And now our story begins.”

Brb, crying forever.

Image via Youtube

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