Police On The Lookout For “The Naked Spring Breaker”

Police On The Lookout For "The Naked Spring Breaker"

If you do things right — or very, very wrong, depending how you look at it — spring break is usually one of the wildest weeks of your life. You might end up doing drugs, befriending a stripper, or maybe even becoming one yourself, as this young woman known as “The Naked Spring Breaker” seems to have done.

Photos surfaced on Twitter of a nude woman with a ton of beads around her neck, surrounded by shirtless men. It’s been circulating the social media outlet since March 11, and a second photo — which has since been taken down — was also posted to Twitter showing the same woman bent over, dancing near the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, according to Panama City News Herald. She appears to be very young, and police are currently looking for the unidentified woman. They just want to make sure she’s safe and that the photos were taken with her consent (doubtful), according to Bay County Sheriff Office spokeswoman Ruth Corley:

“We aren’t trying to get her into trouble,” Corley said. “We want to make sure she isn’t in trouble.”

This is a comforting change of pace and I’m glad police are looking to protect this young woman. But let this be a warning to all of you, not only on spring break, but everywhere. People get drunk and do stupid things. You might be so out of your mind wasted that you have no idea where you are or what you’re doing. We’ve seen countless stories of people doing sex things out in the open, because it was quite clear that both parties were drunk beyond a place of coherency.

Everyone around this “Naked Spring Breaker” probably pointed and stared as she just walked around without clothes, making a fool of herself. She likely got separated from her friends, and there is not a chance that she intended to behave how she did. The only difference between this and something that happens to you is that her drunken mistake got caught on camera and was made very public. Please let this serve as a reminder to A) look out for your friends. Know where everyone in your party is, and if someone is this wasted, don’t let her try to find her way home on her own. Yes, it’s a buzzkill to bring her back to the hotel, but do it anyway, so you don’t see her face — and her tits — on the news. B) Look out for other women, for other people. If you see some drunk girl embarrassing herself, and you see people taking photo and video, don’t be one of them. Help her. Get her a damn t-shirt and a cab ride home. When your intention is to get so drunk you can’t remember your name, this kind of thing can happen to anyone. Just be careful out there, and be kind to people.

If you have any information about who or where this woman is, please call the Bay County Sheriff’s Office at 850-747-4700 or Crime Stoppers at 850-785-TIPS (8477).

[via Gawker]

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