Prepare To Relive Your Childhood: “Toy Story 4” Is Coming In 2017

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Get ready to have your inner child freak out, because the toys are back! Buzz, Woody, and the rest of the ones who weren’t essentially discarded off-screen (RIP Bo Peep) or burned alive in the incinerator at the end of the last movie will be back in full force for “Toy Story 4,” coming out in July 2017.

The best part is that John Lasseter, the CEO of Pixar and Disney Animation Studios, AKA the God of all things animated at Disney, will return to the franchise as the director. The last “Toy Story” he directed was the critically beloved sequel, “Toy Story 2.”

“John created Toy Story and directed the first two films, and it’s great to have him back directing one of our most valuable properties,” Walt Disney Company Chairman and CEO Bob Iger said, who revealed the news in a quarterly earnings call for Disney investors late Thursday afternoon.

This isn’t exactly a surprise to anyone who follows Disney news, as the toys have been popping up around Disney’s films in the form of Pixar’s famous pre-movie shorts, as well as on TV specials on the Disney channel, ABC, and the rest of the Disney-ABC family.

It’s great to see Lasseter behind the “camera,” so to speak, as well as on this film. His last hands-on film was “Cars” in 2011, when the workload of running the entire animation studio and directing films became too great. However, his influence could still be felt in all the movies Disney produced. Hell, he turned Disney Animation Studios from a crap-factory back into a gold mine; after awful garbage flops like “Treasure Planet” and “Mars Needs Moms,” Lasseter was the creative force behind brilliant films such as “The Princess and the Frog,” “Wreck-It Ralph,” and, of course, “Frozen,” the number one movie of 2013. Lasseter created the Disney animation renaissance pretty much singlehandedly.

Before you get too excited, remember that this movie won’t be out until 2017. If you were, oh, let’s say five when “Toy Story” came out in 1995, you’ll be 27 by the time “Toy Story 4” drops. You might even take your OWN kids to see this movie. YOU’RE OLD.

Yeah, cry betches. Cry. I know I am.

[via Entertainment Weekly]

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