The Pros And Cons Of Every Possible Date You Could Bring To Semi Formal


Semi is around the corner and you’re still (or recently) single. It’s fine, though…really…you’ll be okay. Honestly, you’re not bothered by all the girls bringing their boyfriends. It’s fine. No biggie.

LOL, JK. Whether you’re happily single or not, semi is a stressful time of swallowing your pride, and deciding who to bring or not bring takes a lot of consideration. To speed up your decision making process, here’s the ultimate pros/cons guide of the options you’re bound to face.

1. The Friend Since Freshman Year

Cons: Bringing “just a friend” to semi is all fun and games until you get to the pregame and see all the cute couples taking pics. Your friends start hooking up on the bus/in the bathroom/various other inappropriate places in the venue, and you’re suddenly envious and take to curing your regrets with, “just one more shot.” That sounds like a great idea at first, until you either don’t remember the night or are drunk enough to think your “just a friend,” is no longer “just a friend,” causing a really messy next day.

Pros: He’s like your brother and you, therefore, have no one to impress. He’s seen you embarrassingly drunk and doesn’t judge. Pressure is officially off for the night, as neither of you has any expectations.

Risk: 30%, Reward: 50%

2. Your Consistent Hookup

Cons: Taking him to a date function can cause a lot of confusion as to what you are. If you take him to your semi does he have to take you to his? What if you take him to yours but he doesn’t take you to his? And do you Instagram a couples pic? Or just a group photo? So many questions.

Pros: You know you get drunk in love when you’re with him. You have a connection and as soon as the Fireball hits you, you can’t keep your hands off each other. In other words, he’s tried and true, and why fix what’s not broken?

Risk: 50%, Reward: 70%

3. The Guy You Think Is Hot But Have Never Spoken To

Cons: Asking him will be awkward and you’ll look like a stalker and he’ll probably wonder how you got his number/what’s your name again.

Pros: #PowermovesOnly. Those who ask, receive. Despite the awkward asking, any guy will be flattered and feel like the man if a girl asks him to semi just based off of seeing him from across a room. Plus you look fearlessly confident and cool, and obviously, get to go to semi with the hot guy you’ve been low-key crushing on all semester.

Risk: 80%, Reward: 100%

4. Your Girl Friend

Cons: Essentially the same as bringing the “friend since freshman year.” She’ll be fun and it’s always a blast getting plastered with your BFF, but when everyone goes home with their dates at the end of the night you’ll find yourself sobbing into a bottle of wine and listening to sad songs like a cliché rom-com.

Pros: Girls won’t be late to the pregame, girls will 100% Instagram a pic of you, and girls won’t judge you when you request Spice Girls ninety-five times. She’s your soul sister for a reason and is down to dance on the table with you and will be there when you fall off said table.

Risk: 0%, Reward: 60%

5. The Cute Unaffiliated Guy

Cons: He doesn’t know anyone at your semi, probably doesn’t really understand what semi is/what to wear, and might be a lost puppy at the pregame.

Pros: He’ll be pumped to go to a semi and will be like a little kid on his first day of school. He also most likely hasn’t hooked up with any of your sisters since he literally doesn’t know anyone in Greek life. Therefore, all his attention is on you and there’s no opportunity for awkward encounters with exes.

Risk: 60%, Reward: 80%

6. Going Stag

Cons: You’ve exhausted all options and have given up on this list.

Pros: You can’t cheat on yourself, you don’t have to split your handle of Smirnoff with anyone else, and you’re pretty badass if you actually pick yourself over the entire population of boys at your school. Props to you.

Risk: 0%, Reward: 100%

Fuck it, just go stag.

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