PSA: Wearing Those Cool Halloween Costume Contacts Left This Girl Partially Blind, And It Could Happen To You


There are the people who dress up for Halloween, and there are the people who dress up for Halloween. I’m not just talking about an outfit. I’m talking about hair, makeup, fake blood, flashing lights, movable parts, and everything in between. They take their Halloween seriously, and I give them mad props for their dedication and execution.

One thing many people do to spice up their Halloween outfits is put in costume contacts. They add a really cool effect to the eyes and makes them stand out, like the pictures below.

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They’re fairly common in many Halloween makeup based looks and tutorials, and can easily be purchased online. Many people forget that contacts are an actual medical device, and should only be used when prescribed by a doctor. Leah Carpenter, a 17-year-old from Lakeview High School in St. Clair Shores, Michigan, learned this the hard way.

The Michigan teen dressed up as a zombie with her friends, and part of her costume was the creepy contact lenses. The next day, Leah woke up with a swollen eye and realized she needed immediate medical attention.

She went to see an opthamologist, who told her that the contact had ripped out the top layer of her cornea. Ouch. The injury left her partially blind in one eye, and she may need surgery to correct it.

“I missed out on homecoming,” Leah said to‚Äč. “My school work is really behind. My vision is not going to be 100 percent. I have a long road.”

Looking great for one night isn’t worth ruining your eyesight for the rest of your life. Use makeup or other accessories to amp up your costume and only use contact lenses that have been approved by your doctor. You’ll still look good, and you won’t be risking your vision.

Party safe, Hallowqueens.

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