PSL Beer Is The Answer To All Of Our Autumn Alcohol Needs


Even though autumn doesn’t officially begin until September 22nd, pumpkin spice lattes are back at Starbucks, so it’s close enough for us. We know what our coffee order will be until skinny peppermint mochas are back, but it’s a little harder to get in the spirit when it comes to drinking harder substances. Sure, you may be able to find an Octoberfest or pumpkin beer on draft, but you’ll probably just forego your seasonal needs and order your usual vodka cran, while your Ugg and blanket scarf clad self wishes you could just order a PSL so you don’t waste one festive fall moment.

Now your wildest dreams have come true, and you can finally consume your daily PSL in alcohol form. This is not a drill; Breckenridge Brewery out of Colorado has created a pumpkin spice latte beer so you can drink your PSL and get wasted too. This stout nitro beer is actually made with cold-pressed coffee and seasoned with the same spices you’d find in your morning latte.

While I typically prefer beers that are the same color as my chardonnay, I’ll have to break form to start getting my daily dose of pumpkin-infused alcohol. Sadly, like everything else we love, PSL beers are only going to be available for a limited time– through the end of October. The fact that they aren’t available through the month of November is a true travesty, but I guess I can just make up for it by drinking extra until then. The PSL beers are available in 4-packs across the country for the next two months, so get yourself to a distributor now, before you lose out on the holy grail of alcohol to a swarm of white girls in leggings who suddenly think drinking beer is cool again.

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