Pumpkin Spice Highlighter Now Exists So You Can Literally Cover Yourself In Fall

pumpkin spice highlighter

Even though it’s still a hundred degrees outside, it’s September, which in white girl speak means “the beginning of pumpkin spice season.” Starbucks has released their PSLs early, Krispy Kreme has pumpkin spice donuts, and your grocery store shelves are covered in dozens of pumpkin flavored items that range from Cheerios to cookies to body wash. However, the one thing we’ve been missing is the pumpkin spice item that we can literally cover ourselves in – that is, until now.

Thanks to Etsy shop FeatherRiverBody, you can now purchase pumpkin spice latte highlighter and it’ll be socially acceptable to smear pumpkin spice all over your face. This is not a drill. Even though you undoubtedly have too many highlighters to count from Watts Up to Champagne Pop, this new PSL powder will only set you back $5, and honestly, it’s actually a really amazing shade. While the powder literally looks like pumpkin spice, the swatches show that once applied, your cheekbones will be glistening with a rose gold shimmer with just a hint of fall orange.

While I’m unclear how this shade will look on my pale, Victorian skin, if you have even a hint left of a summer glow, save yourself a trip to Sephora and start ordering loads of this product stat. Even before you get a chance to break out your quilted vests, you’ll be able to stake your claim as queen of the white girls. Now get to ordering, because at the stroke of midnight on the day after Thanksgiving, all of your pumpkin products will disappear….until next year, that is.

[via Refinery 29]

Image via Etsy

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