Rachel McAdams’ Audition Tape For “The Notebook” Will Make You Ugly Cry

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Today marks ten years since “The Notebook” came out. Ten years since Allie and Noah’s beautiful love story started making our love stories (if you can even call them that) feel like the poorly-written plot of a low-budget porn film. It’s impossible not to watch this film and feel a little resentment toward the men you’ve dated. Noah wrote Allie a letter a day for year, but we get butterflies when a guy double texts? Where is our lake full of swans? Why didn’t we lose our virginities in a grand, old mansion? The incredible chemistry of Rachael McAdams and Ryan Gosling made the film feel so real, so possible, that even the most stoic and cynical among us have to blame our teary eyes on allergies by the end. But, ladies, we must remind ourselves, it’s just a movie. Here is the audition tape of Rachael McAdams trying out for the role. I find that the classic early 2000s tousled bob and halter top combo makes me feel a little less jealous.

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