Ralph Lauren Admits To Argentinean Bribery

Ralph Lauren Corporation has been party to some risky business. After bribing Argentinean customs agents with payoffs totaling about $580,000 “to improperly obtain paperwork necessary for goods to clear customs; permit clearance of items without the necessary paperwork and/or the clearance of prohibited items; and on occasion, to avoid inspection entirely,” the company has bribed the SEC with an offer of $1.6 million to look the other way. The irony. There’s nothing quite like a nice bribe to get past all of that red tape — it’s the American way. In fact, it’s probably how I got accepted to college. The SEC is delighted with the way Ralph Lauren handled the situation, likely because they are now the recipients of $1.6 million.

Really, the Argentinean people should be the ones who are pissed about all of this. It could literally take months for them to receive clothing shipments (shout-out to slow, sketchy South American infrastructure). It’s painful when a store doesn’t carry your size, forcing you to have them find it at another location and ship it to you in 3-5 business days. Imagine the agony the Argentineans are about to face! “I’m sorry ma’am. We’re all out of everything. Would you mind waiting until it’s out of style for our next shipment?” This is how revolutions get started.

[via CNN]

Image via NY Daily News


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