21 Reasons You Probably Hate PDA

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There are two types of girls in the world. The ones who enjoy sticking their tongues down their boyfriends’ throats in public and the ones who don’t. Neither is right, but both are very very different. Maybe you love the thrill of turning heads and you’re so attracted to your boyfriend the thought of not dry-humping him every chance you get seems idiotic. Or maybe you’re independent and run a high body temperature and the thought of so much as hugging in public seems illegal.

Recently psychologist Dr. Chloe Carmichael spoke to Elite Daily explaining why, exactly, some people are obsessed with swapping spit in front of their friends and others are repulsed by it. Basically it narrows down to four things: family culture (were your parents pro-PDA?), psychological (do you like the attention? Are you *addicted* to the attention?), social (do you want him to “mark his territory?”), and relational (how’s everything between the two of you?).

So to break it down, here’s why you probably hate PDA. Because trust me, you’re not alone.

  1. Your parents weren’t very lovey-dovey, and the thought of it makes your skin crawl.
  2. Or your parents *were* very lovey-dovey and the thought of it double makes your skin crawl.
  3. You don’t want everyone staring at you while you grope your boyfriend in public.
  4. Actually, you sort of don’t like attention at all.
  5. Or your boyfriend doesn’t want everyone staring at him while you grope him in public.
  6. You got your fill in high school when you stuck your tongue down your boyfriend’s throat in between classes.
  7. Or you had an awkward encounter where parents walked in on you once and it never happened again.
  8. You don’t need to flaunt your love — you’re confident in your relationship.
  9. You’re actually not that confident in your relationship and you have no idea how he would respond to a DFMO.
  10. You do not need to kiss your boyfriend that much.
  11. Holding hands make your palms sweaty.
  12. And your legs are just too short to keep up with him.
  13. You don’t want to make your friends uncomfortable.
  14. You know. The way your one friend makes you uncomfortable when her boyfriend always grabs her ass in public.
  15. You have better things to do with your mouth in public — like eating. And cussing out the guy who cut you off.
  16. PDA is for thrill-seekers and you can’t even look at pictures of people standing on ledges.
  17. You actually can’t even think about pictures of people standing on ledges. You’re already getting antsy.
  18. You feel like a guy kissing you in public means he’s asserting his dominance over you, and you wear the pants in this relationship.
  19. YOU ARE NO ONE’S PRIZE TO BE WON (via: Princess Jasmine).
  20. Some people get addicted to PDA, you got addicted to stuffed crust pizza.
  21. You don’t have anyone to PDA with so like, fuck you, right?

[via Elite Daily]

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