Research Says Men Are Drinking Less And Women Are Drinking More, Probably Because Of Men


There’s a lot of reasons why women drink. We drink because we’re happy, or sad, or because we don’t know whether to be happy or sad so we drink to find out what emotion shows itself first. The fact remains, women drink because they have feelings. Most of those feelings have something to do with what a guy did or didn’t say. Men drink because, well, they’re bored.

Researchers from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism have uncovered some not so surprising differences in the way women and men are getting drunk. Men used to be the big boozers, but recently women have picked up their game.

From NBC News:

“Males still consume more alcohol, but the differences between men and women are diminishing,” said Aaron White of the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), who looked at data from 2002 to 2012 for the study.

Over that time, the percentage of women who had an alcoholic drink in the past 30 days went from 45 percent to 48 percent, while the percentage of men went from 57.4 percent to 56 percent.

And women consumed alcohol slightly more days a month — from 6.8 days to 7.3 days on average, while men drank on just slightly fewer days, down from 9.9 days to 9.5 days.

The same number of college kids admitted to binge drinking. But more women and fewer men said they down five or more drinks in a row, the researchers found.

Nice work, ladies. Way to show the boys we’re here to play.

If you’ve ever set foot on a college campus, you know these statistics are true. Women will down five or more drinks in a row because if we’re not getting drunk, what’s the point of ingesting those calories? We don’t come to parties because we like the smell of fraternity basements.

We’re making great progress, but there’s still work to do to achieve equality. Or better yet, beat the boys’ asses. Time to step it up.

I’ll start now.

[via NBC News]

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