Researchers Basically Just Said That Being A Cat Lady Is A Good Thing


If you have a cat, you understand the struggle. Get a cat they say, it’ll be fun they say. Then you get one, and you’re automatically deemed a cat lady. Dog people look down on you, and everyone assumes you’ve given up hope on any sort of dating life. You’re doomed.

You basically look like this to the public eye.

The joke is on you know, dog people. Turns out cat people are scientifically better.

Well maybe not scientifically, but researchers are now saying that people with cats basically have better personalities than everyone with a dog.

So buckle your seat belts dog people, because here’s what cat people have on you:

  • cat people are rebellious and don’t play by the rules,
  • cat people are focused on getting the job done, and
  • cat people are more intelligent than dog people.

Suck it, dog people.

[via HelloGiggles]

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