Researchers Created A Temporary Tattoo That Monitors How Drunk You Are


If I had a nickel, not a dollar, for every time I took a shot at the bar that I definitely did not need, even then I would still be a millionaire. How many times have you gotten to the bar from the pregame, feeling tipsy but not drunk yet, taken a few more shots only to wake up with no recollection of getting home or where your shoes are? Sometimes alcohol, downed so quickly, hits all at once and screws you over, or sometimes you know perfectly well that this Long Island Iced Tea with an extra shot is not a good idea, but like, whatever.

The occasional blackout happens, especially if you’re like me and are prone to giving in to peer (beer?) pressure, but sometimes a girl just wants to get a drink and keep it chill and not end up being carried out of the bar by a bouncer. Sometimes that’s fun, I admit it, but maybe not four nights a week. Admittedly, though, it can be really hard to tell when you’ve hit your limit, even for an experienced drinker. Thankfully, there’s a new accessory out there that can actually help with this little problem.

Researchers at the University of California San Diego, have created a temporary tattoo that can literally measure how drunk you are via an electronic board attached to the tattoo, which monitors the alcohol levels in your sweat. The best part, IMO, is that the information about your inebriated ass can then be transferred directly to your phone via Bluetooth. No more wondering if you need another drink, and in terms of safety, this is also invaluable. This tattoo makes it even easier to determine if you really are good to drive back to your apartment, or if you need to call an Uber to make it there safe.

As of now, the tattoos are designed only for one-time use, and they’re still in the development process so they’re not quite ready for public release yet. Until then, you’re going to have to keep relying on your friends’ assessment of your drunk level. So, good luck with that. Stay safe out there, and by that I mean before you take another shot, text that guy that you’re definitely going to need him to pick you up from the bar. Or carry you out. Same thing, right?

[via Daily Dot]

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