Riot Breaks Out At Cal U, Because Fraternity Won’t Let People Into Its Party


Nothing completes Homecoming celebrations like a good riot. Am I right, or am I right, folks? If, during the other five or six home games a season, everyone is unconventionally blackout from the time the sun rises, you need something to set Homecoming apart. This is THE game. You need to show that other school that THIS IS OUR HOUSE AND THIS IS HOW WE PARTY.

Cue riot.

Cal U students know how to party. Better yet, they know how to get really upset when they’re not allowed to party, as is evidenced by the #CalUHomecomingRiot that went down during the weekend. Apparently, the whole debacle was set into motion when a bunch of people were turned away from an off-campus frat party. The fraternity called the police, because people weren’t taking no for an answer. “People trying to get in upstairs, they weren’t letting them in and people were getting angry,” student Ryan Jackson told CBS Pittsburgh. “The cops told them to leave, they didn’t listen.”

Things got so heated that cops from multiple precincts throughout the county were called for backup. At some point, there were more cops than regular people. As far as riots go, it seems pretty tame. No couches were set on fire. No one climbed on top of a cop car, pounding his or her chest like a gorilla. No one threw beer through the air like it was a firework. Just a bunch of cops trying to control a bunch of people, because they weren’t allowed into a party.

A lot of people had a hell of a night, though.



[via CBS Pittsburgh]

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