Rob Kardashian Accuses Blac Chyna Of Cheating With Tyga

Rob & Chyna

We all knew the reality show “Rob & Chyna” was going to be a shit show. But let’s be honest, no one knew it was going to be THIS MUCH of a shit show.

The season premiere didn’t leave much to the imagination, the two have some serious issues. But the one, of a full hours worth of fights, that caught everyone off guard? Rob accusing Chyna of cheating on him with none other than lil sister Kylie’s man (and Chyna’s ex-man) Tyga.

Rob. Get it together. Adding fuel to the already burning fire of the whole Rob-Chyna-Tyga-Kylie drama. Not cool, as a brother or a baby daddy. This all comes after a recent clean sweep of his Instagram page, where he deleted all Kardashians and baby mama, Blac Chyna. But in true Rob fashion, he is now following all of them again.

I guess that means that things are okay in the Kardashian clan, at least for this week. It hasn’t been a secret that over the years, the Kardashian family has worried about Rob’s mental health, and now Chyna seems to be boarding the struggle bus that is Rob Kardashian.

“I do realize I just cannot, one person, like, fix him on my own,” Chyna told the camera after confiding in Kris J. “But I hope Rob figures it out because I just don’t want it to be too late.”

Let’s just say, “KUWTK” has nothing on “Rob & Chyna” in the drama category. I’m not sure that reality TV is the best for Rob’s depression issues. I’m going to guess it’ll take 8 episodes before America can’t take the constant screaming anymore and the season gets cancelled, or Rob goes MIA. No one wants to watch “Rob & Chyna, Except No Rob This Week, And We Can’t Be Sure About Next Week, Either.”

It does make you feel better about your life, doesn’t it?

[via Elite Daily]

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