Rob Kardashian Unfollowed Blac Chyna And His Entire Family On Instagram, Again


For being the only boy in the Kardashian family, Rob seems to have the worst PMS of the whole bunch. For the second time in under two months, Rob has deleted baby mama Blac Chyna and everyone in his family from his Instagram account.

Rob, dude, you’re hot then you’re cold, yes then no, in then you’re out, up and you’re done. This is some straight Katy Perry shit. What is the purpose of his clean sweeps? There are no verbal confirmations from Rob or Chyna or any of his family members, but we have a feeling it’s because of some bad blood. Taylor Swift shit.

We’re just as confused as everyone else is. One second Rob is praising Chyna for pulling him out of a dark place, and the next minute there are rumors flying around that they are breaking up, not living together, and hate each other. All I have to say is THANK GOD the two are coming out with a reality tv show together. How else are we going to understand this cold, cruel world that is Chyna and Rob’s romantic relationship without it?

I think it would be best for Rob to just delete his Instagram account all together like someone else we’ve loved and lost– Justin Bieber. Can we all just take a minute to remember they are about to have a child together? We should start praying for it this early. Kid doesn’t have a chance.

[via Elite Daily]

Image via Instagram

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