28 Romantic Things Your Boyfriend Actually Wants You To Do

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Romance is hard. Landing a hot guy who knows how to sweep you off your feet, turn you on, make you happy, support you when you’re sad, make you laugh, make you orgasm, get you the perfect presents, loves your friends, but doesn’t love your friends too much, and graces with you surprise flowers every few weeks is pretty much impossible to come across. But somehow, we find them. Not the guy I described — that guy doesn’t fucking exist. Give up on him already. But we find guys. Funny guys. Nice guys. Attractive guys. Dateable guys. And they do their best. They make us food and let us watch shitty television and text us back and make us smile, so it’s all good.

But sometimes, well, sometimes we have to take a peek at ourselves. How are *we* doing? The men of Reddit spoke out to say how they feel appreciated. How they like to be romanced. So if you have a boyfriend (or if you want a boyfriend) stop complaining about how he hasn’t gotten you that purse you want and take notes. Turns out, romance isn’t just for us ladies anymore. Damn equality.

As always, the quotes are from Reddit and the comments are all mine:

  1. She’ll text me, “miss you already” about 10 min after leaving from a weekend with her.
    What she really means, “I immediately washed off my makeup, ordered a pizza, and grabbed my vibrator.” But like, same

  2. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. Good morning texts, even guys enjoy them.
    Yeah, but girls are just sitting here waiting to get them first. Don’t put that on us. 
  3. When I drive my GF home, when we are on the motorway I occasionally rest my hand on her leg and she holds my hand. Every now and then when we do this and it is late and we are tired she would wrap her arms around my arm, rest her head against my shoulder and fall asleep on my arm while I am driving. I don’t know why but I just love it when she does that.
    This is so much better than those times he asks for road head and then you ignore him for the rest of the ride. 
  4. When I was dating my later-to-be wife, she went away to Australia for a month. The day she left, she handed me a bag of gifts and letters, one for each day she was away.I was about seven days or so in to the letters when I realized “I, AM, GOING, TO, MARRY, HER”.
    Oh. So that’s all it takes to get him to love me forever? Go away for a month and leave him and spend days and days and days preparing him a gift basket when we could just skype like a normal couple? Cool.
  5. Hug me from behind and kiss my back when we’re cooking.
    Important note: when *we’re* cooking. 
  6. Put her hand on my leg when we’re driving.
    Just waiting for a “funny thing about my hand is that it’s located on my cock” joke. 
  7. If we’re watching a movie on the couch she’ll lay down and use my thigh as a pillow and hug my leg. I don’t know what but I love this so much.
    So, pass out on him? I think I can manage that. 
  8. She wakes me up by kissing me.
    You know, after going through his phone, stalking any girls he knows on social media, and making herself look a little less like a swamp monster. 
  9. My girlfriend made me an awesome dinner, I got fathappy, we ended up cuddling half-naked watching a storm out the window and I told her I loved her. Mostly, I think it was my belly talking.
    Want to get a guy to say “I love you”? This is the secret. This is how. 
  10. I got home from the hospital I worked at (around 8am, night shift) on my birthday and found my whole apartment decorated with birthday stuff and my girlfriend sleeping on the couch waiting for me with a little cake on the table. They were silly decorations, dollar store Batman stuff for a kid’s party or something, but when she woke up she made me wear a Batman ribbon that said “Birthday Hero” and blow out the candle on my cake before I went to sleep. It was the sweetest thing ever, and I still have the Birthday Hero ribbon in a drawer in my safe.
    What? These? No these aren’t tears. 
  11. My girlfriend sometimes wraps her arms around me from behind, then we do that awkward waddle thing as I try to walk.
    This might as well be the designated couple-walk. 
  12. And when you wrap your arms around him, have a six-pack of his favorite beer in hand. Very romantic.
    Ah. Yes. The man-version of flowers. 
  13. Be the big spoon one night. And actually buy him a fucking flower. A girlfriend once got me a single red rose. Unreal feels.
    I stand corrected.
  14. I have always always always wanted to come home from work and have a lady greet me in a dress or something, with my Louis Armstrong/Ella Fitzgerald record playing and just without saying anything kiss me and then grab me and put her head on my chest and just start slow dancing with me. Always wanted that so bad.
    You know. That fantasy that girls would totally know guys want. 
  15. Be honest with him and tell him all those sweet gestures are really appreciated and moved you. Far too often, feelings are lost in action.
    Him first. Let’s start with blow jobs and end with “not freaking out that he’s friends with his ex on LinkedIn.” 
  16. When we get a hotel together we don’t wear clothes for the weekend. It’s amazing, we’ll go get take out and come back, get naked, and have dinner together on the bed.
    Wait. So like, sit down? Naked? In harsh, overhead lighting? 
  17. I love cooking with my girlfriend, but I’m a chef, so that might be why. When she comes in when I’m cooking and just hangs out and helps me do stuff, it’s my favorite bonding time.
    A man who can cook and a man who’s fine with a girl just hanging out while he makes food? Where are you and why am I not dating you? 
  18. What about a “date in” make his favorite meal or his favorite take out. Rent a movie do things like rub his feet or rub his shoulders. And if ends in the bedroom then that’s a bonus.
    Yeah, I’ll buy groceries and cook and clean and watch a shitty movie and then rub his gross feet and then enjoy some thrusting because that sounds good. 
  19. Touch his face when you kiss is a good one, I think.
    When? Like, randomly? When you’re in public? During sex? WHEN?!
  20. One thing that my girlfriend did for me that made me so happy to be with her was write me a letter. It was our anniversary and we didn’t have a lot of money to spend for gifts on each other so she wrote me a letter (in my native language, her second ) that said how much she cared for me and how happy she was to be with me. My favorite line was “Thank you for being there for me, I never knew I was beautiful until I met you. I never knew anyone loved me until I found you.” It still makes me tear up every time I read it.
    Can I date her? 
  21. My wife just woke me up with peanut butter-banana-chocolate chip french toast. That was pretty fantastic.
    Now *this* is the key to love right here. Surprise carbs. 
  22. Surprise nakedness.
    That’s a hard pass from me. Unless he’s blind. Then maybe. 
  23. Start bragging about him whenever you are around his friends, nothing insane or grandiose, but stuff that he would like to hear.
    They’re talking about penises, aren’t they? 
  24. One thing an ex of mine did was occasionally play video games with me. I knew she didn’t like playing and she’d told me so many times. But from time to time she would bite the bullet and invite herself to play and showed (what I think was) honest enjoyment. Find something he likes that you don’t do together and just do it. Don’t ask or talk about it beforehand, just surprise him with it. It made me super happy, and I’m sure he’ll appreciate it.
    This will result in an hour of me saying, “but wait, how do I shoot again?” And end with me dying alone and single. 
  25. Write a letter. Maybe from an era or with a theme. Maybe write it with an ink/calligraphy pen. Maybe at the end be all like “sweetheart, just to make sure this isn’t too girly for you I drew a T-Rex in a tank/UFO/fighter-jet with explosions and your favorite food item. All my love~” and have it in like 15% of a bottom corner of the letter.
    This is an idea to Pin and pass off as your own for sure. 
  26. A few years ago, on my birthday, my wife’s sister got dumped by her boyfriend of several years. Obviously, my wife went to visit her to be with her. I didn’t get a chance to see her before I got home from work, but when I got home, I found a sweet note, a bucket filled with ice and a six pack of my favorite beer, and nachos in the oven. Simple, yet completely awesome.
    Now *this* is the kind of love we all want to have. 
  27. As a guy, and I think most guys are the same, but I never get ´emasculated´ by anything my girlfriend does for me when we´re by ourselves. Yes she could emasculate me in front of my mates, but giving me flowers, a massage, cooking me something etc, is never going to make me feel emasculated.More likely to give me the feels than anything else, and honestly, it´s the thought that counts, and the adorable look on her face as she watches me to see if I like it, always so cute!
    Well shit. I’ll just buy myself flowers and say they’re for him if that’s all it takes. 
  28. Make him bacon in only an apron, it’s the best option.
    Just when I thought guys weren’t actually that bad. 

And if all else fails, I hear they’re partial to blow jobs.

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