Ryan Lochte Gets Swarmed By Protesters On DWTS Season Premiere


You know what’s really great about live television? It’s live. And there are some batshit crazy people out there. Last night’s season premiere of “Dancing With The Stars” did not disappoint in the drama category.

Everything was foxtrotting along just fine until it was time for Ryan Lochte to get his dancing score with partner Cheryl Burke. Then shit hit the fan.

You can hear some yelling going on behind judge Carrie Ann Inaba. It appears they were yelling “liar” at Lochte. Then, two men rushed the floor in white tee-shirts that had an anti-Lochte message on them.

The two men were tackled on the ballroom floor and escorted out immediately.

After coming back from commercial break, Lochte admitted he “was hurt” over the incident and Cheryl held back the tears until cameras stopped rolling. The pair was clearly shaken up over the incident. Carrie Ann Inaba reassured Lochte, “we are only hear to judge what you do in the ballroom.”

After a rollercoaster month, I’m sure this incident didn’t help Lochte’s emotional and mental state. He repeatedly said on the show he was hoping for this to be his “second chance.” Not the ideal way to start his second chance. I’m going to say it probably would have been a good idea for Ryan to wait a little for the storm to blow over before going on national television.

He can’t count it all as lost though, I’m sure the incident got him some pity votes.

[via E Online]

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