Sarah Jessica Parker DGAF About Rules, Pisses Off Entire NYC Neighborhood In Effort To Sell Shoes

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Sarah Jessica Parker is the epitome of a TSM. She played a fabulous sex columnist on the best television show of all time, she was the “pretty” witch who we all wanted to be in “Hocus Pocus,” and recently, she said IDGAF to the rules and had a shit ton of negative publicity thrown her way. Because of shoes. Bravo, SJP. Bravo.

It all began in her “Sex and the City” days. The iconic steps in the West Village where Carrie pondered, smoked, and made horrible decisions (#TeamAidan) are basically as famous as Carrie herself. And, like any true fan, most of us have dreamed of meeting Carrie Bradshaw and asking her a question or two over a Cosmo. But, because life isn’t fair, we can’t just hop on a plane to see Ms. Bradshaw. What we CAN do, however, is hop on a plane and see 66 Perry St., and that is exactly what people have been doing for a long time. The only problem is that while these steps are home to a fictional character, they’re also home to someone else. The real owners of the well-known stoop have been over this whole thing for about as long as we’ve been over Carrie and Big’s relationship. So over it, in fact, that they have now placed a chain over the steps with a sign telling people not to cross. I guess, thanks to all the crazy “SATC” fans who litter the sidewalk, the owners literally can’t have nice things.


I’m going to follow them. X, Sj

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Unfortunately for them, Sarah Jessica Parker doesn’t give a shit. She decided to take a trip back to her “SATC” roots and stage a photo shoot centered around her SJP Collection for Nordstrom, featuring, of course, shoes. Not only did she not get permission to do this, but she WENT UNDER THE CHAIN TO PLACE SHOES ON THE STEPS. In the eyes of the Perry Street Association, she completely crossed the line (pun intended). In her defense, she’s Carrie Bradshaw. She’s not known for making the wisest choices. Hysterical and fabulous? Yes. Smart? Eh…

Oh no. Eek. Sorry. No. I was just talking about the shoes. Oh man. Geesh. Sorry. X Sj A photo posted by SJP Collection (@sjpcollection) on

Representatives for both Sarah Jessica Parker and the assholes living at 66 Perry St. couldn’t be reached, but honestly, from the looks of her Instagram, SJP could care less. She posted pictures of her shoes lining the legendary sidewalk, and she included a picture of her reaching over the sign to place her shoes on the forbidden steps.


That’s a wrap ladies.

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Her hashtags included:

I think she may have forgotten one:

[via Page Six]

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