Schools Ban Clown Costumes After Clowns Post Alarming Threats On Instagram

There are three things in this world that I absolutely fucking hate. Taylor Swift. People who chew with their mouths open. And clowns.

Clowns look as if they’re some of those psychopaths who laugh at other people’s pain. And it appears as if they’ve been weeping for hours, yet nobody is sure why. What’s the secret behind that running mascara? And the hair. It’s like they got electrocuted a little bit and then fell into a snow cone machine. Why do they always have to have a red nose? Are they actually Rudolph? Do those big shoes and fugly wingsuits they wear help them fly or something? And the biggest question of all, WHY DO THEY LIKE KIDS SO DAMN MUCH!?

In fact, clowns are obsessed with kids so much that they created an Instagram account, @newhavenclown, warning schools in the New Haven area of Connecticut that they are headed for them. The clowns are posting creepy pictures with threats in the captions to target specific schools.

Then Hyde (Creed), New Haven Academy, HSC…

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One caption says, “Then Hillhouse, Cross, Eli Whitney, Co-op, Sound. u really think its fake, wait and see.” Another names a few schools, “Then Hyde (Creed), New Haven Academy, HSC”

Then hillhouse, cross, Eli Whitney, co-op, sound.. u really think its fake, wait and see

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A school district spokesperson told the New Haven Register that there have been no threats to schoolchildren. However, I’m pretty sure they aren’t going to just stand there and hand out balloon animals. It’s Halloween time. They’re out to scare people. The spokesperson also mentioned that clown costumes will be banned this year for safety precautions.

School spokeswoman Mercy Quaye said, “Unfortunately, clown-themed posturing has been a growing trend throughout the country, particularly on social media. To ensure student safety, parents are encouraged to assist in ensuring students refrain from these costumes this season.”

The school also mentioned that, “at this time there is no indication this incident poses any real or substantial threat to New Haven Public Schools or students.” It continues by explaining that it takes these “incidents very seriously” and the situation will be monitored within the next few weeks.

If you go to career watch out

A photo posted by yall next . (@newhavenclown) on

This has to be a trick because there’s no way it’s a treat.

[via Elite Daily]

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