Science Finally Gives Us The Reason Why We Like Oral Sex

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Ever wonder why dudes seem to feel sooooooooooo strongly about getting a blowie? Or why you actually don’t mind it sometimes? Well, according to a report in The Journal of Reproductive Immunology, the reasons are…interesting.

On the dude’s side, the findings aren’t too shocking. It turns out that when a guy goes down on you, he’s not just looking to make sure it’s reciprocated, he’s trying to ensure that you won’t be playing anyone else’s meat flute. According to Cosmo UK, the study found that guys give oral sex in an effort to keep women from cheating; the study also found that the more oral sex a woman got, the less likely she was to cheat on her partner. Yeah, no kidding. Why would you need to cheat if you had a guy who was willing to have a box lunch on the regular?

The interesting part of the study comes in when we look at one of the reasons why ladies like to give head, and it’s definitely one that guys aren’t going to like. It turns out that swallowing a dude’s seed can help a lady’s body “become accustomed to his DNA,” which helps “the woman during pregnancy because her body will not see the fertilised semen as ‘foreign’, which is apparently the reason for many pregnancy disorders,” according to Cosmo UK.

Bottom line: giving BJs make it easier for him to get you preggers. Now, of course, guys could use this as excuse to move to a blowjobs-only relationship…which could be fine, if he’s going to reciprocate one-for-one. But if not, you’ve got an ironclad excuse for skipping slurping his gherkin. Gotta play it safe when it comes to no-baby-making, right?

[via Cosmo UK]

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