Science Has Created A Condom You’ll Actually Want To Use


Everything about using condoms is a giant pain. They’re uncomfortable, you have to keep a constant supply in stock, all the while wondering if you have the right size and brand. Sometimes condoms slip, or even worse, break, leaving your wallet $50 emptier when you have to make a midnight drugstore run for emergency contraception, yet you still can’t go without them. It’s enough to make any even remotely sane girl go crazy.

However, things are finally about to change. Swedish tech company LELO may have finally just made the breakthrough we’ve all been waiting for with the invention of a condom that somehow doesn’t suck. This new product is called the HEX condom, not because of the spells you chant at night to make your hookups fall madly in love with you, but for the honeycomb pattern on the latex. Other than providing you something entertaining to look at, this lattice structure makes the condom stronger, so breakages are way less likely to happen. Oh, and it’s supposed to make all of your extracurricular activities feel better too — a win-win situation if I’ve ever heard one.

While this all might seem like just a marketing ploy, the inventors of HEX have done all sorts of tests to show that their product truly is puncture-proof — such as stabbing it with a needle or fingernails, and not one rip can be found. Of course, there’s a catch. These crazy indestructible condoms are expensive — we’re talking nearly $10 for a pack of 3. Still, that’s much less expensive than emergency contraception, and waaaaay less expensive than that emergency contraception failing, so I’m going to say that it’s worth it. Next time you’re in line at your drugstore, look for the clean, white box labeled HEX. It just may change your mind about condoms forever.

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