Science Says Masturbation Makes You Healthy AF


The annoying things about relationships is that you need two people (at least) to be a part of one. Want someone to be your #MCM? You’ve got to reel that sucker in and convince him you’re not psycho until he makes it FBO. Want someone to eat pizza in bed with while watching yet another season of some mediocre Netflix series? You have to nod your head while he talk about fantasy football until he slips a ring on that finger. But orgasms? Orgasms you can get all on your own.

Thanks to our trusty friends (also known as hand, vibe, and porn), we don’t really need anyone else to get off. Like having our cake and eating it too while also not gaining any weight and immediately getting a puppy, masturbating is one of the purely wonderful things in the world. But unfortunately, people are always sort of weird about it. From those claiming that it’s unhealthy, to those claiming that you’ll no longer want to have sex with someone else, there’s a whole long of negativity towards the solo act.

So luckily AsapSCIENCE decide to make a short video to show once and for all what, exactly, masturbation does to the body.

So basically, as long as you switch off hands and speeds, you should be good to go. And by go, I mean screw yourself. So keep on getting off, and never let anyone tell you that solo sex is wrong. As long as you wash your hands and delete your browser history, you’re good in my book.

[via Elite Daily, AsapSCIENCE]

Image via AsapSCIENCE

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