Science Says Quit Being Pretentious And Eat Gluten


Carbs are a girl’s best friend. We are all bread sticks with appendages. Pizza, bagels, pasta, burritos. Our mouths water at just the thought of them. So why would we take the joy of gifts such as bread bowls away from ourselves? As it turns out, we really shouldn’t.

Unless you are part of the 1 percent of the population that is truly allergic to gluten (prayers be with you), taking gluten out of your diet may actually be detrimental to our bodies. Besides the happy feeling you get when you have a tummy full of pizza, you are missing out on essential vitamins and fiber that keep your body going, which is cause for bloating, mood swings, and constipation. Not ideal. To make matters worse, most gluten-free options have to increase the fat and sugar content to make up for the lack of sweet, sweet gluten. We already know that pasta can make you thinner, so taking it out and adding fat and sugar is counterproductive.

Going gluten-free doesn’t just affect your body, it will affect your wallet too. a recent study shows that gluten-free products are 242 percent more expensive than regular food. Do you know much Chipotle you could buy with the money you would save from eating gluten? Hella Chipotle. That’s how much.

So next time you overhear a hippie in a coffee shop talking about their new gluten free lifestyle, hit them in the face with this knowledge. They’ll thank you later.

[via Elite Daily]

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