Scientists Discover a Planet MADE.OF.DIAMONDS.

What’s that sparkling in the night sky? The North Star?

Um, no, it’s actually 55 Cancri e, a recently discovered planet that is LITERALLY COVERED in diamonds.

I’m not kidding. An entire planet has been found that is comprised of the precious stone.

55 Cancri e was discovered by a team comprised of researchers from the US and France. The planet’s radius is twice Earth’s and weighs 8 times more than our home planet. Apparently, the planet is comprised mostly of granite and diamonds as opposed to Earth, which is comprised of water and granite.

Essentially, everyone’s freaking out about the discovery of a new planet, which is 40 light years from Earth and only visible without a telescope in the constellation of Cancer. Oh, and it orbits super fast – a year on 55 Cancri e only lasts 18 hours.

Whatever. All I can think about is the fact that there is AN ENTIRE PLANET MADE OF DIAMONDS. I don’t really care about its density, or what type of impact it’s having on the galaxy. I have so many questions. Are the diamonds good for harvesting? Are there mines there? Is there life on this new planet? Is the life a bunch of little dwarves that just mine diamonds all day and sing happy songs? Is the whole “Blood Diamond” hysteria a thing of the past? Is the diamond on my engagement ring going to come from outer space? Are diamonds not cool anymore because now there’s an untapped resource for them? So many variables.

Either way, apparently the weather there is beyond hot and scientists have rendered this new diamond planet unsuitable for human existence…but it’s made of diamonds, and I’m now finding a reason to care about outer space.



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