Scientists Have Created The Perfect Condom


Condoms are the best way to prevent the spread of STDs and babies, so why doesn’t everyone use them? Oh that’s right, because guys “hate the feeling of condoms.”

I can’t comment on how it feels for a guy because I don’t have a penis, but it really makes no difference to me, and probably most women. Men can stop complaining, because scientists in Australia (there’s a ‘down under’ joke somewhere in that phrase) have been experimenting with different types of condoms to find the best one. No, not THAT kind of experimenting. They’re creating new types of condoms to determine what the next big trend in condoms is.

Their answer? Something amazing called hydrogel.

From Cosmopolitan:

“It’s really unusual to touch,” Swinburne University cognitive neuroscientist Joseph Ciorciari said. “It feels like real human tissue, like when you’re touching someone but they’re covered in a lubricant.”

You hear that, boys? No more excuses. No more “I promise I’ll pull out.” These condoms actually feel like the real thing, so they can stop bitching about how much they “hate” the feeling of condoms.

Hydrogel is thinner and stronger than your typical latex condom. Made from water, it’s held together by molecular chains called polymers. When compared to lubricated or non-lubricated latex condoms, a combination of lubricated hydrogel produced “strong hot spot[s]” in the brains of participants.

If you can even imagine, it gets better. With the help of a $100,000 grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, they’re also toying around with the idea of adding antiviral and antibacterial chemicals to the condoms to prevent the spread of STDs. Hallelujah.

These condoms aren’t for sale yet and there’s no word on when they’ll become available, but I guarantee the day they do I’ll be first in line.

[via Cosmopolitan]

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