Scientists Just Discovered You Can Make Diamonds From Peanut Butter, So Feel Free To Get Rid Of Your Boyfriend

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Have a boyfriend who won’t commit? Is waiting on that engagement ring driving you insane? Even considering marrying yourself because it could happen sooner than getting a diamond? Well, wait no more.

The days of waiting around for a man are long gone. Thanks to #science, you can now create a diamond from something you probably already have in your kitchen: peanut butter.

That’s right, science proved that you can create diamonds from peanut butter. I won’t bore you with all the details (mainly because I slept through physics) but essentially, this works because peanut butter is made of the same type of carbons found deep in the earth where traditional diamonds naturally form. By applying intense pressure and sound, scientist Dan Frost was able to create diamonds from this beloved midnight snack.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t mean that throwing your jar of peanut butter against the wall in a rage while screaming lyrics to any song from “1989” will magically result in the three carat, circle cut stone of your Pinterest dreams. So far, Frost’s process takes about three weeks, and it results in a diamond that’s around a quarter of a carat. This process apparently also causes small explosions, but I’m assuming they’re less than what happens when you’re on your period and out of chocolate, so it’s probably no big deal. Frost plans to continue his research, so who knows? Maybe one day you’ll open your favorite snack to find a special surprise inside.

[via IFL Science]

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