Selena Gomez Kissed A Girl On Snapchat And The Internet Pretty Much Exploded

Selena Gomez

I was a drunk-girl kisser back in the day. That might not be the beeeest thing to announce on the internet where my mom, dad, grandmother, and boyfriend’s family reads what I write, but I can’t hide the truth. Between the ages of 17 and 22, I kissed a lot of girls. Like, A LOT of girls. I think I’ve kissed more girls than guys if we’re being honest. Always thanks to alcohol and usually for male attention, I was never afraid to pucker up for a girl at a party. Or a bar. Or drunk in the car while waiting in the line for Taco Bell at 2 a.m. There’s just something about drunkenly making out with friends that I’m drawn to. And unless your rosary and wimple (it’s the nun thing) are hiding, I have a feeling most of you aren’t so saintlike either.

My evidence? Selenda effing Gomez. American’s sweetheart. Taylor’s right hand gal. Secret party girl.

This past weekend a Snapchat surfaced of her kissing *gasp* a girl. The friend is Ruby Carr, a member of the band “Bahari” who is Selena’s opening act on her tour and a group of people I have never heard of in my life. And good ol’ Ruby did what any wanting-to-be-famous-and-also-maybe-drunk girl would do if she was at a bar with Selena Gomez and had a Snapchat.

She would freaking kiss her. Obviously. Behold.

Now, I would give that kiss like a 4/10 if I’m being honest. It didn’t have any passion or sex appeal to it. But what it did have was the ability to give Ruby tons of new followers and attention, and send Selena’s fans into a frenzy of “does she like girls?” And while Selena has admitted to questioning her sexuality, it’s obvious what this little show of affection was: some girl’s way of getting a little bit of attention by kissing her hot friend.

And by God, we know it works.

[via Elite Daily, Twittle]

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