Girl Sends Selfie To Family, Forgets To Hide Giant Dildos (Picture)


A lot of us who live away from home resort to using technology to keep in touch with family. So when one possibly college-aged girl was getting ready for an upcoming interview, she decided to send a quick selfie to her family, most likely digging for compliments. Her hair was freshly curled, her nerves were high, and chances are she just needed a little bit of encouragement. What she got, however, was total, soul-crushing, maybe-move-away-and-change-your-name-and-never-come-back embarrassment.

She sent her whole family a picture of herself, with two giant vibrators/dildos/sex toys RIGHT BEHIND HER.

O b o y

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Naturally when she realized it, she begged her brother to spam the message so that her parents might not see it. Parents? Knowing how to scroll up in a group message? Crazy! It had to work, right?

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Wrong. So wrong. No word on if her parents saw the picture, but instead of helping out, her brother did something different. Something better.

He put it on imgur for all to see. Yay.

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The only thing worse than the entire internet seeing your special toys is your parents seeing your special toys. And since this poor girl with her fine choice in vibrators has gone viral, the comments are almost too good.

• This is how you sibling!
• Going for both holes at the same time… I like her! We all like her hole-heartedly.
• Your mom’s more disappointed in the finger tattoos anyway.
• Does ANYONE not care that her face seems to have disappeared into another dimension?!?!
• Stress relief before an interview, clever girl
• Well, I hope she got the job.
• Aren’t the dildos needed for her interview?
• Aaaand.. Fake internet points to you! +1
• Well, at least you’ve got at least 2 things to do while you wait to hear back on that interview.

Ah. The things we do for orgasms and fake internet points.

[via Daily Mail]

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