Selfless Friend Group Allows Kate To Go Home With A Guy On Girls Night

selfless friends

It seemed like the stars had aligned for them to go out that night. Kate had just broken up with her boyfriend. Rebecca finally had a night off work. Michelle had just given up on her stupid diet that didn’t allow her to drink alcohol. Taylor and Abby were always down to go out. They spent two hours pregaming and getting ready at Taylor’s, finishing off three bottles of chilled rosé in the process. Abby was sharing stories of her latest conquests, causing eruptions of laughter from the entire group. Rebecca (usually the Mom of the group) was actually starting to get drunk and let loose. It had been awhile since they had all been together like that and as the rosé started to hit them, Rebecca suddenly took on a very serious tone.

“Guys. I missed ya’ll soooooo much. Tonight let’s just have fun, the five of us. No guys, just us girls. Promise?”

“Yes, totally, agreed, 100 percent,” the girls said.

“Fuck boys!” yelled a newly-single Kate, thrusting her glass of rosé into the air. The group echoed her sentiment in some way or another and laughed.

After making Abby change into something that didn’t expose her nipple every time a strong gust of wind blew by, they were off in search of a bar that played Beyoncé and served alcohol by the pitcher, in that order of importance. They settled at a bar with both and had the time of their lives dancing and singing/screaming into each other’s faces. They stumbled from one bar to the next, and the next, and the next. At the last bar they went to, they went to order drinks and that’s when Kate met Justin. He bought her drink and the couple spent the next half hour dancing and whispering into each other’s ears.

When she managed to detach herself from Justin’s face, Kate went over to talk to her friends.

“So I know we said it was going to be just us girls tonight, but he’s really cute and he’s super into me and he just asked if I wanted to go back to his place. I won’t go if you guys don’t want me to,” said Kate, and her friends knew she was telling the truth. You absolutely cannot ditch girls night without your friend’s blessings, even if those blessings are forced and a lie. Justin called her over to the bar to take a shot and the rest of the girls gathered in a circle to discuss.

“I think it’s too early. She’s not ready,” said Abby, who was secretly kind of pissed that Justin went for Kate instead of her, even though her boobs are at least a cup sized bigger than Kate’s.

“It’s girls night. She can’t go home with a guy on girls night. That’s just, like, the rules of feminism,” said Michelle, who was so desperately single that she was thinking of trying speed dating.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea,” said Rebecca, who was honestly just being a bitch.

“Guys, think about Kate for a second. You know she’s still really hurt that Nate broke up with her, maybe we should let her go home with this guy,” said Taylor, who was secretly texting the guy she was hooking up with trying to arrange a time to meet up, which she wouldn’t feel so bad about if Kate went home with a guy first. The rest of the group still wasn’t convinced.

“Kate needs this. Come on, you know if a guy like that would’ve been talking to you and asked you to go home with him, you would’ve done the same thing. There will be other girls nights,” Taylor pleaded.

The other girls finally agreed on letting Kate ditch on girls night, with a few caveats.

“Kate, come here!” yelled Rebecca.

“So we talked about it, and after a lot of back and forth, we decided that you CAN go home with this guy,” said Rebecca. “But first, we need to get a few things straight.”

The group then took this opportunity to talk to Kate about what really happened with her breakup. This was the only way they could, in good conscience, let her go home with this guy. They talked about how she felt, if she thinks she will ever love again, and the influence her strained relationship with her father has on her love life. After this lengthy discussion, Rebecca also made Kate promise to text the group chat before and after the deed. The girls then took turns giving sex tips to Kate because she had been with the same guy for the past year and they felt like she needed to spice things up.

By the time Kate had assured them that she would text them later, that she was emotionally stable enough after Nate to bang some other guy, and that she would be careful, Justin had already disappeared from the bar. Kate tried looking for him in the crowd, but he was nowhere to be found.

Abby, Michelle, and Rebecca pretended to be sad for a second before telling Kate she didn’t need him, Kate looked visibly upset, and Taylor mentally cursed her friends for spoiling her plan.

“Oh well,” says Rebecca. “Who wants shots?”

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